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    Ordos Airport parking building covers a total area of 31552 square meters with two layers included.
The parking lot is composed of five systems like monitoring and has perfect equipment and facilities. At the entrance of layer 1, 8 self-helped control boxes are installed (and 2 manual control boxes provided) while there are 9 charge boxes, 1 monitoring box and 1 bus toll gate at the exit. It has a total number of
1280 parking spaces and 1280 parking apparatus.

Parking Process
1. Car Stops→Press the button→Take induction card→Bar rises automatically→Enter parking lot
2. Pay by Swiping the card→Ask for invoice→Leave
3. Contact No.: 0477-8878134/8878129


Parking Lot Tips

1、All kinds of temporary parking cars are charged by time. The parking time is based on two times of
swiping card between cars in and out of the parking lot. That within an hour will be treat as one hour;
Every hour passed and extra one hour fee should be paid.

2. Taking the card before entering the parking lot, while returning the card and paying the fees (Including  coach parking area, small vehicle parking area, overnight parking area, taxiparking area and airport
bus parking area) .

3. The owner shall shut the doors and Windows, take care of personal belongings. The parking lot is r
esponsible for keeping cars instead of keeping personal items. 

4. The parking lot will be not responsible for any losses caused by irresistible natural disasters or
owner’s mistakes.




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