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    The Ordos Airport Administration Group Co., Ltd (short for group cooperation) funded by Ordos municipal people’s government, and authorization to the municipal state-owned assets supervision and administration commission to perform the responsibility of the sponsor, the group cooperation is municipal solely state-owned enterprise, it’s under the construction and management of the airport and multiplex management and development of aviation industry’s large state-owned enterprises.

    The establishment of Ordos Airport Administration Group Co., Ltd is on 27th December,2012, with 3 branch offices,2 subsidiary companies and 3 holding companies, has preliminarily formed airport management as the main business, set airport construction, marketing, property management, aviation logistics, VIP service, media, commerce and trade, and tourism as one of the civil aviation airport industrialization development group.

    The group cooperation’s total assets of more than 5 billion Yuan, the number of existing staff nearly 1000 people. Since its establishment as "cultivate local talents,  recruit foreign talents, reuse leading talents, well use professional talents" guide for talents, form the good quality, well-constructed talent echelon, laid a solid talent base for the group cooperation’s sustainable healthy development. The area of new terminal building is 100300 square meters, the grade index in flight area is 4C, can meet the passenger throughput of 12 million passengers. In 2013, the airport passenger throughput complete 1.73million passengers, finished goods throughput of 9455 tons, guarantee transport flight 19978 sorties. The business of the airport keep stable growth, the airport and the specialized corporation operating situation is good, airport economic industry is forming.

  At present, the group cooperation is actively promoting of government-led development of commercialization and industrialization of civil aviation, integrating Ordos aviation resources, pooling each Qi’s general airport construction and management, trying hard to set up local airlines, vigorously promoting the aviation logistics park, air bonded warehouse, aviation maintenance and spare parts manufacturing and aviation service, these four airport economic industry bodies. The group cooperation is committed to Ordos airport as the core, centered on airport industrial park, creating suitable environment for the aviation industry and the non-aviation industry, attracting outside investments and talents, build Ordos airport and airport industrial park as two major parts, aviation industry as the main body, the non-aviation industry as supplement and basic services to complete the Ordos’ aviation city.    
    Airport peripheral perfect infrastructure, three-dimensional convenient transportation, strong policy support, superior investment environment, a new service concept to foster a sound environment for investment, Ordos Airport Administration Group Co., Ltd sincerely Looking forward to your presence!



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