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Security Guide
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Security Guide

    In order to avoid unnecessary inconvenience and monetary loss, please adhere to relevant
regulations   during your travel and comply strictly with the stipulated items.

◆Prior to entering the security screening area , please abandon  matches and lighters by yourself.

◆Prior to entering the security screening area , please take out electronic devices  such as spare
lithium batteries and iPad.

◆Prior to entering the security screening area ,please packed the liquid which is exceed 100ml
separately and go through open-bottle inspection. for the liquid which volume is exceed 100ml should be disposed   by oneself or be checked in.

◆Prior to entering the security screening area ,  baggage bigger than 20×40×55 cm can be checked at the check-in counter;

◆Prior to entering the security screening area, please prepare and have out your boarding pass and valid identification ready for inspection;

◆Please take cellphones, watches, boarding card, ID card, keys  and cigarette out of your carry-on
baggage,  and place them in the plastic bins or on the X-ray conveyor belt. Then proceed forward for
personal security screening.

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