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Baggage System
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Baggage System

Luggage refers to passengers in the trip for wear, use, comfort or convenience to carry the necessary or just the appropriate amount of personal belongings. According to the transportation responsibility divided into checked baggage, hand-carry baggage and free to carry items. 

◆Provisions for items prohibited in both carry-on and checked baggage include:

1) Firearms, mechanical appliances for military or police use

2) Explosive materials

3) Controlled knives

4) Flammable and explosive items

5) Corrosive substances

6) Toxic or harmful products

7) Radioactive substances

8) Other objects harmful to aviation safety

9) Items prohibited by national laws and other regulations

10) Live animals. This excludes small animals, guide dogs and hearing dogs that meet regulation requirements.

11) Items with strong odors or that may damage aircraft.

12) Other property or packaging in shapes, weight or volume specified by the carrier as prohibited (including lighters, outer packaging materials with more than 100 ml/100 g of liquid, etc.)

◆Items that cannot be carried in hand baggage, but can be placed in checked baggage, include:

1) Household knives such as kitchen cutting tools, fruit knives, shears, razors and so forth;

2) Professional knives such as scalpels, butchering tools, carving knives, and so forth;

3) Performing=arts knives such as broadsward, spears, swords, and so forth;

4) Sporting goods that are weighted or spiked, such as walking sticks, alpenstock, baseball bats and so forth;

5) Axeds, chisels, hammers, wrenches and other pointed or blunt itmes that can damage aircraft and threaten personal safety;

6) Liquid items that cannot be transportd in carry-on baggage or which exceed limit allowances. 

◆Items prohibited in checked baggage:

1) Objects such as precision instruments, electrical equipment, etc., should be transported via cargo. If items are allowed in checked baggage, they must be well packed and the weight must be within the free baggage allowance;

2) Sporting equipment including sport firearms and ammunition;

3) Dry ice, alcoholic beverages, medications or cosmetics which passengers need during the flight;

4) Diplomatic papers, important documents;

5) Sharp objects and blunt objects, except for controlled tools;

6) Per relevant regulations small animals, guide dogs and hearing-assistance dogs;

7) Folding wheelchair or electric wheelchair required by passenger during the flight.

◆Items that can be carried in hand baggage, but cannot be placed in checked baggage, include:

Important documents, commercial documents, securities, currency, bills of exchange, jewelry, precious metals and their products, antique calligraphy and painting, fragile items, perishable goods, out of print or travel documents, manuscripts, personal valuable electronic products.



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