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    The Ordos airport administration group marketing company(Ordos Chengji aviation services co., LTD)affiliated to the the Ordos Airport Administration Group Co., Ltd and founded on January 1, 2014. The business scope including guest goods agents, air express, store and forwarding, catering, accommodation, advertising, advertising design, production, agents, release of outdoor advertising, catering, infrastructure maintenance, leasing, commercial retail, material circulation, highway, aviation, transport business, handling the certificate fee, freight loading and unloading service, security packaging fee, VIP room service, parking fees.

    After the establishment of  marketing company,successively bring out “Flight by transferring from Xi`an”,“flight by transferring from Shijiazhuang ”and other aviation products,not only convenient for passenger travel, at the same time, also enhanced the accessibility of Ordos airport. In addition, the marketing company formed "wisdom tourism hub" at arriving hall in the terminal ,in the promotion of air travel at the same time advocates " fair-weather and keeping in good health" tourism characteristics, committed to the Ordos’ "the holy land of the hero and son of the sun" reputation of the promotion to the whole country and the world,guiding the tourists all over the world to know Ordos and come to visit.

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