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    The Ordos airport administration group property management company founded in 2012, mainly responsible for the Ordos airport and surrounding area property management work, including: building management, equipment repair and maintenance, vehicle operation and tending management, property sweeping and cleaning, virescence management, property insurance management, security service, order maintenance, safety engineering scheme, security consulting and partial business of  power and energy.

    The property management company has four departments: general office, Operation management department, parking operation management center, ecological greening management center.

    The property management company in accordance with the requirements of the group cooperation, clear own orientation, pays special attention to the service work, establishes the ideology which reliably property is services, and broaden the service channel, expands service scope to airport district, in the meantime enhance the level of parking building business, unified management and training of cleaning workers, improves management efficiency. The company formulates long-term property planning, pays special attention to the base construction, on the basis of pay special attention to the vegetable breeding, nursery base of flowers, etc. The property management company adhering to the "people-oriented, service customers" values, through continuous efforts and struggle, create clean, safe, comfortable, convenient and beautiful living, learning and working environment for the airport.


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