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Cargo Delivery Notice
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Cargo delivery notice

                                                 Cargo delivery notice

    Cargo delivery notice:The shipper should issue a valid identity card of the original. (The valid                     documentations including identity card, household register,police ID, certificate of officers, civilian cadre’s     card, valid passport and home-visit permit.)

    The shipper should fill in Shipper’s Letter of Instruction (SLI), and shall be responsible for the authenticity and accuracy of the content.

    With SLI the shipper should go to delivery platform for the goods safety inspection and warehousing          operations, after that return to delivery platform print the waybill and pay related fees.

    Ordinary goods dispatched packaging requirements: the goods need to pack self-actuated, the size           shouldn’t smaller than 30*20*250px, adding an outer layer woven bag packaging if the packaging is a foam box. If unpacked, boxes can be purchased at the airport freight during check-in.

    Goods dispatched weight requirements: the maximum weight of single piece goods can’t beyond 80kg;     the maximum size shouldn’t exceed 40*60*2500px. The Ordos airport goods dispatched generally                 applicable to the narrow body aircraft.

    Fresh frozen goods dispatched related rules:

    (1)Packing tightly, liquid should not be leaked, adding an outer layer woven bag packaging if the                  packaging is a foam box, the size shouldn’t exceed 40*60*2500px.

    (2) Ship live animals need to be transacting with quarantine departments at or above the county-level or     the relevant market departments; they need to provide the "animal quarantine conformity certificate (A/B)".

    Shipment of alcohol related conditions:

    (1) Alcohol degree of shipment can not beyond 70 degrees.

    (2) Alcohol contain for every bottle can not exceed 0.5kg (500ml), each case shall not be more than 6         bottles.

    (3) Wine packing rigorous; please add backing yourself and breakage at your own risk.

    (4) Shipment of alcohol should accept one bottle sampling inspection.

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