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Naming Cooperation 

u In order to improve enterprise’ brand image and products popularity, make enterprise customers enjoy a convenient & easy journey when arriving at or leaving Ordos Airport and provide them a comfortable waiting environment, we adopt two methods of naming cooperation, VIP area and guests area. Naming fees is paid annually and varies according to the factors of location and size of rooms.

u Products promotions in rest rooms: Clients not only have the rights to do advertising and make products promotions in VIP area, but also can make product demonstration and enterprise culture propaganda etc. in the named rest rooms, such as light boxes, brochures, company products and so on.
u Advertising on display machines in VIP area: there are 10 machines for named cooperative enterprises making advertisement in VIP area.

u Advertising on shuttles: The naming service of the 4 shuttles can give all-round advertisement display to all passengers in aircraft and the terminal building through advertisement area on vehicle bodies and roofs. Moreover, enterprises can  show their names, logos and slogans on shuttles free of charge.

Key Account Cooperation

u Target Client: Small & medium-sized enterprises and banks having the intention of naming cooperation. Customers can enjoy VIP services at the most favorable price.

u Cooperation Mode: Both parties will annually sign the Cooperation Agreement. According to client’s one-time payment of service charge, count of services and rooms will be extraordinarily arranged.

VIP Card

u Cardholders can enjoy the VIP rest rooms and first-class rest room services in Ordos Airport.

u  VIP Pleasure Card. By applying real-name system, cardholders can make reservation for VIP rooms and enjoy whole services at a membership price reaching or leaving the airport. Cardholder himself can take any numbers of entourages but no more than 2 seers-off.


u VIP Joy Card. By applying real-name system, cardholders can make reservation for VIP rooms reaching or leaving the airport. This card is valid and can be used in countless times within one year. Cardholder himself can take no more than 2 entourages or seers-off.                             

u Business Honor Card. Real-name system applied and no annual fees charged. Cardholders can start the deluxe services after registration at VIP reception counter in Ordos Airport departure hall, the entourages can alse enjoy the full services as well.

Timing Rooms

u Service Content: Sofa and recliner; Free cold & hot drinks and refreshment;Free newspapers & magazines, TV and Wi-Fi service;Flight information query and boarding reminding.

u Location: Across the boarding gate 7.

u 0477-8878078   Tel: 0477-8878078.

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