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Security System
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Security System

Relevant regulations regarding prohibited items in checked baggage and carry-on baggage are as follows:

1.Firearms, mechanical appliances for military or police use (including main parts and components) .

2.Explosive objects.

3.Controlled knives.

4.Flammable and explosive items

5.Toxic or harmful products, such as cyanide, toxic pesticides, etc.

6.Corrosive substances, such as hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid, nitric acid, liquid storage battery,        sodium hydroxide, potassium hydrate, etc.

7.Radioactive substances, such as radioactive isotopes, etc.

8.Other objects harmful to aviation safety, such as ferromagnetic objects that may disturb aircraft           instrumentation and objects with a strong pungent odor.

9.Other national laws and regulations regarding prohibited items

Relevant regulations regarding prohibited items in carry-on baggage, but allowed in checked           baggage are as follows:

    Kitchen knives, small clippers, large fruit knives, razors and other knives for daily use. Professional knives, including surgical knives, stick knives, engravers, etc. Knives, spears and swords, etc., for use in performances. Sporting goods possibly harmful to aviation safety or personal security, such as       canes with spikes, poles with sharp points or spikes, baseball bats, etc. Axes, chisels, hammers,      awls, spanners and other objects harmful to aviation safety or personal security. Liquid items that       exceed amount limitations for carry-on baggage, but within checked-baggage regulations.

Regulations on carrying spare lithium battery on flights

According to the Civil Aviation Industry of relevant regulations such as the Hazardous Articles Aviation   Transportation Regulations for Passengers and Crew (MH/T1030-2010), passengers carrying spare   lithium batteries shall obey the following rules:

1.Spare lithium battery shoud be only carried by the passenger himself or herself for personal use.

2.Spare lithium battery is only permitted carry in carry-on baggage but not checked baggage.

3.The rated power of lithium-ion batteries shall not be more than 100 watt hours without  permission of   the airlines. The rated power of spare lithium-ion batteries more than 100watt but less then            160watt need to be proved by air carriers. Each passenger should not take more than 2 spare lithium batteries with  them.

4.Spare lithium-ion batteries more than 160watt is not permitted, so as spare lithium-ion batteries     which does not indicate parameters.

5.charing the spare lithium batteries during flight is not approved. for those spare lithium batteries     with  switch should be  turned off during flight.

    The regulations above are also applied to the crews.

    The notice come into force from promulgation.   

    methods to judge electric quantity of spare lithium batteries.
                                                       Civil Aviation Administration of China

                                                                     August 7, 2014

Methods to judge electric quantity of spare lithium batteries.

If the electric quantity is not labelled on the spare lithium batteries, it can be calculated by the following methods :

1.Wh= V x Ah  if the voltage and the quantity is given, it can be calculated as:Wh= V x Ah

voltage and quantity are usually labelled on the spare lithium batteries.

2.if only milliamphere is labeled on the spare lithium batteries , use the number to divide 1000 get the ampere hour.

For example: the voltage of spare lithium is 3.7v , the quantity is 760 mAh. then its rated energy will be 760mAh.

  760 mAh ÷ 1000 = 0.76Ah                                     3.7V×0.76Ah=2.9Wh

Relevant regulations regarding matches and lighters

    To ensure flight safety , Passengers (including international flights/regional flights, domestic flights) are forbidden from carrying any lighter or matches, and this restriction applies to both carry-on or         checked  baggage.

Relevant regulations regarding liquid items carried by passengers
    In order to maintain the life property safety of passengers, the Civil Aviation Administration of China decided to adjust the relevant measures of passengers carrying liquids in domestic flights.Now the    announcement as follows:
1.Passengers on domestic flights are not allowed liquids in carry-on baggage, and liquids shall be      placed in checked baggage, in accordance with relevant regulations

2.Passengers may carry a small amount of cosmetics for personal use on the journey. Only one           container of each category can be carried by the passenger and the volume shall not exceed 100 ml. The containers should be packed separately and go through open-bottle inspection.

3.Passengers transferring from International flights are allowed to carry duty-free liquid items with        receipts that are packed in sealed transparent plastic bags and will proceed through security

4.Passengers with babies can apply for complimentary liquid dairy products provided by airline             companies when purchasing tickets. Essential liquids for diabetics or for other medical reasons can be kept by aircrew after security screening.

5.carry-on liquid of passengers on international and regional flights shall be comply with the relative   regulations regarding liquid items carried by passengers issued in 17 of 3, 2007 by CAAC

6.Passengers violating the above provisions shall be dealt with per applicable regulations. 

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