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 ◆Checked baggage packing requirements:

    Checked baggage should be proper packed, well locked and operated under normal shipping
conditions. We reserve the right to refuse carriage of any baggage that fails to meet such
requirements as below:

1)Suitcases, travel bags and purses shall be locked.

2)Two and more pieces cannot be packed as one piece.

3)After bags are checked, other goods or items may not be inserted.

4)Checked baggage will not have any basket, netting or grass ropes as outside packaging.

5)Baggage should be labeled with the passenger's name,address details and phone number.

      The maximum weight of each piece of   checked baggage must not exceed 50KG, volume shall 
not be more than 100 x 60 x 40 cm, more than the above-mentioned provisions of the baggage, the
permission shall be subject to the airlines before shipment.   The minimum weight of each piece of    checked baggage should not be less than 2KG, volume should not be less than 30 x 10 x 20 cm,
lower than the above-mentioned provisions of the baggage, should not be transported as checke

◆The amount of free checked baggage:

    Free checked baggage weight limit: first-class 40 kg; business class 30 kg; economy class 20 kg.
Inf ant passenger ticket holders have no amount of free baggage.

    Notes: The above limitations as the general provisions, the company can have their own standards,please pay attention to the instructions on the ticket. Two or more passengers traveling together on
the same flight and going to the same destination, may check-in baggage at the same time and
place, with their free checked-baggage amount counted in total according to the class of their tickets,
the amount of free checked baggage can be counted together.

Excess baggage:

    The rate of excess baggage fee should be calculated in 1.5% of economy class fares per kilogram in RMB.

 ◆Small animal transportation:

     Small animal means the family feeding cat, dog or other small animal.   Small animal transportation shall be handled according to the following provisions:

     Passengers must present at the time of reservation, and provide proof of animal quarantine. The
transport should be permitted by the aircraft type and carrier.

     Passengers should take the small animal to the check-in counter of airport according to the
specified time of carrier.

     Container shipment of small animal shall meet the following requirements:

     1.To prevent the small animal to destroy, escape and reach out to harm the people, baggage or

     2.Ensure air circulation to prevent the small animal asphyxia.

     To prevent the infiltration of manure, in order to avoid the pollution of the aircraft, machine
equipment and other items. Small animal by passenger carried, in addition to the concession by the
carrier, can not be taken into the cabin.  Small animal and containers should be calculated alone by
the rate standard of excess baggage. 

◆Large or abnormal shape items:

    Large or abnormal shape items should be subjected to the prior consent of the airlines.

Reminder: from March 29th, the China United Airlines transit to low-cost airlines.  According to
the provisions of the airlines, passengers can only carry one handbag with the size of not more
than 20*30*40 cm, weight not exceeding 10 kg, draw-bar box or bag need to be checked.  Before May 1st, airlines are presented for each passenger's free baggage allowance of 20 kg.   From the   beginning of May 1st, checked baggage need to be charged according to your purchase tickets    class, please find the specific standards of charge on the China United Airlines' official website or mobile phone APP for query.


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